I’ve been thinking for a few days about upgrading to a faster computer. This one made me happy when I got it, but I’m using the internet more now, and since it’s an income stream for me, I thought an upgrade might be in order. Yesterday, for instance, I made 15 blog posts. That’s a lot of time spent here at the desk, as most of them were fairly lengthy. I was thinking a lap-top might be a wise choice, as it would give me freedom to be where I wanted to be and still get my work done, especially if we could swing wireless internet.

Well, there are a couple of snags in my plan. Dh tells me that wireless is really slow compared to our current connection, so that would be a really bad thing. The idea of a laptop still appeals to me, though, so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t know if I could even blog without an on connection, because I like to/need to link to what I am talking about, and frequently need to do research as I am typing even the most personal of posts.

Here’s the other one: I don’t want VISTA. Everything I’ve heard about it begins with “It stinks” and ends with “It blows”. In the middle, it’s “security issues”. So, I’ve been leaning toward a mac. We had one several years ago, and I really liked it. However, when I asked DH about getting that instead of a windows based system, he told me they were higher in cost.

I don’t want to take out secured loans for a new computer or any other thing. I just want a faster system for me, and to let the girls use this one for schoolwork. I’m just not convinced I can get what I need at a price I am willing to afford.

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2 thoughts on “Upgrading

  1. A few weeks ago Best Buy had some pretty good HP laptops on sale. That’s when I got my for about $650 + tax.

    I have Vista on my computer and I love it. It’s not bad at all. The new graphic effects are pretty cool but after a few weeks when you get used to it it’s really no big deal.

    I think the security is pretty good. When ever a program wants to run it asks you to continue or cancel. Yes, it does interupt a bit but you get used to it click and move on. It’s helps in case just all of a sudden a program (possible trojan virus) wants to connect to the internet, you can cancel and scan your computer.

    Macs are expensive. I wanted one just to play with and saw the prices tags and was like… “Um… nevermind”. LOL.

    As far as laptops I would definitly recommend HP. And don’t be scared of Vista. Everyone said the same thing when Windows XP rolled out.

    BUT… keep in mind all new computers are shipping with Vista. Not to mention not everything is compatible yet. It’s going to take some time. I had a web camera installed and it worked great the first day. The second day it kept crashing my computer and then my computer wouldn’t even start. I had to delete the camera driver off the computer to get it running again. *shrugs*. Not trying to scare you, but this is just what happens when a new system is released.

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