All of the above

SO, I didn’t choose between tasks yesterday, but tried to do them all. And was pretty successful at it. All the posts over here are categorized, with the exception of 3 that I labeled “move it”. Those belong over here. That’s fine, too, because there are a few posts here that belong there, too, and I’ll be moving those as well.

One thing of very special interest. I found my old schedule over there, the one I used before my life felt quite so crazy. I actually had an email that I used to open, and delete items as I had accomplished them. It was so incredibly helpful, because it helped me stay focused. I thought I had lost it when we lost our hard-drive in the great crash of 06, but apparently not. I don’t even remember blogging that, LOL, but I will be looking it over and tweaking it to accommodate my additional tasks.

So what are my plans over here? I had someone evaluate my blogs for me, and I found her observations incredibly helpful. One of the things she said was that this blog was very similar to CassKnits! I talked a lot about my kids etc, on here. Well, if you look over in the sidebar where I keep my blog manifesto, you will see that this blog is supposed to be about ME. My thoughts, my feelings, my life beyond being a mother. While that is a lot of who I am, there is more to me than that. Accordingly, I’ll be moving those posts that focus on the children instead of on me, my thoughts, me, my emotions, me and my feelings.

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