Apparently I can still sing, ya’ll

The youth pastor and his wife (the daughter of the head pastor) lead the worship at church. Today, the youth pastor was out sick, and the head pastor was up with his daughter going through the worship songs. I asked them if the youth pastor was coming, and then if Pastor was up there because he wanted to be, or because they needed a baritone. When I told him I could sing that part, he handed me the mike. We practiced all the songs, ditched one that neither she nor I felt comfortable with, and I sang this morning.

I’m left wondering if I am glad I let that cat out of the bag or not, but it is nice to be able to pitch in and fill a need. It’s hard on pastor to sing and then preach, so it lifted a burden for him, and I am glad of that.

One thought on “Apparently I can still sing, ya’ll

  1. Did you sing, “I’m a member of the postie club?” 🙂
    I wish I had a good singing voice…I’m way off key, but it doesn’t really stop me!

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