I used to……..

One of the hobbies I used to indulge in is embroidery. I’ve made several nice pieces, including a pillowcase doll for one of my step-daughters. I quit doing it for several reasons, but a lot of it had to do with being tired of all the flowers. Really, there’s just so much florality I can take. I found something today that has me thinking about picking up the floss again, though. It’s clipart ready to digitize for embroidery, and there is some really cool stuff there.

I also used to cross-stitch quite a bit, but I am just not sure I can see it anymore, and I am too chicken to dig it out and find out that I can’t. It’s all buried in the bottom of my closet. Perhaps when I get around to cleaning that out (and it shouldn’t be too much longer), I’ll try it. Then if I can’t do it, I can tell myself that I was just cleaning the closet anyway 😉

I have 6 of those floss organizing boxes, ya’ll, crammed absolutely full. That’s a lot of floss to just be sitting there.

One thought on “I used to……..

  1. Wow, I don’t even have 6 boxes of floss! Though I have always been more of a fabric stasher than a floss stasher.

    We could just get you some 11 count aida to stitch on! LOL with the gigantic holes and big squares (giggle)

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