She keeps me up to date!

I’ve been trying to post more about the things I do for entertainment over here on this blog of mine. I do enjoy movies and books and such as this. When I run out of ideas, I have a buddy who helps me out. Deb runs a blog called Two Dog Zoo, and she writes about music, media, movies, tv and more…. Yeah, I stole her tagline, cause it just describes her blog so well.

When I check out her movie category, I know right away if a movie she has seen is good for the whole family or not. And if she hasn’t seen one, she’s upfront about that as well, listing reasons why she wants to see it. She also dishes out the latest celeb gossip, so I can find things to laugh about.

This blog is a fun read, and her quick wit comes through in her posts. And she’s a mom, too, so I trust her advice.

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