Stitcher, part three

Stitcher sat in her rocker, her gaze intent on the Godey’s Lady’s Book in her hands. This was an old one and had been through several readers. She still enjoyed the poems, and the crochet patterns, but she thought some of the fashions were quite foppish. She found the short stories interesting, as well, and the articles about real people intrigued her most of all. She read the magazine cover to cover, of course, including the advertisements in the back. This issue contained one for Arabic Courses in addition to the usual fare, and she found this amusing for reasons she could not quite explain.

She turned back to the patterns, and began to think about a new dress. She most often wore dark colors, those being fine and serviceable for everyday wear, but this time she was thinking in shades of blue, with perhaps a bit of lace trim. She was needing a bit of fanciness for the upcoming holiday season, and blue would set off both her eyes and the silver in her hair. The more she thought about it, the less she liked the idea of lace on the dress itself, so she went to her button box to see what would be appropriate for the material she saw in her mind’s eye. These mother of pearl buttons would be wonderful with the rich blue velvet she saw in her imagination. She would fashion a bonnet to match it, and wear it with the white shawl she had made as a wedding gift to herself. She would ask John to fetch the material for her when next he went to town.

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