The Capo’s Mistress

I listened tonight to a couple of chapters from The Capo’s Mistress by Richard Harris. Written from the point of view of Mike Driscoll, an alcoholic ex-cop, the book is engaging from the first. You can download The Capo’s Mistress for free until April 27. If you prefer to turn pages, you can pre-order The Capo’s Mistress at Amazon. The novel will be released on April 27, and then the download will be pulled.

The voice of the author is a perfect match for Mike, whose personality is reminiscent of stiff leather. Mike ends up in Virginia City, Mt. due to car problems, where he meets up with ex-showgirl Mary Carter, who has left Las Vegas in a hurry on the run from the mafia. She reels him in like a black widow, and he heads to Vegas to help her out of a jam. In her haste, Mary has left a bag behind, and must get it back. Mike gets noticed by The Capo, and he leads the mob back to Virginia City, and that’s when the problems really start.

This book is definitely not one to share with children, due to language and sexual content. The combination of suspense and romance will appeal to many readers, though. This is the author’s first novel, and if you enjoy meeting Mike Driscoll, you’ll be pleased to know that this is the first in a planned series.

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