I’m back!

I am finally caught up with what I had planned to do in the house this week. Well, close enough. I had hoped to get the main rooms tackled, but that did not happen. Still two bathrooms and 3 bedrooms are not bad for a week’s work when you consider I washed every piece of clothing that 6 children own. I coulda been done a little earlier if I had rolled out a couple of exercise mats and just slept in front of the machines, but I figured given my tendencies to insomnia and my gimpy hip, I might better sleep in the bed.

So! Now it’s time to turn my attention back to some semblance of regular life, including !tada! blogging. I’ve missed it! I know I’ve posted some, but not nearly what I wanted to. Cleaning gives you plenty of time to think of things to say, but doesn’t leave nearly enough time to say them, LOL!