I’m a redneck, too

I have to confess, as often as I have complained here about my redneck neighbor that I now look like one too. I even have the redneck yard markers to prove it. These markers of mine are quite different from the markers some folks have.

We have one of those sectional sofas, and right after my cuz brought us the furniture he didn’t need anymore, one of the kids got hurt on the middle part of that sofa. The metal piece in it had gotten banged and was sticking up through the fabric at a wicked angle, and DD#4 sliced her arm on it. It went out in the yard as soon as we got her cleaned up and calmed down. The chair was joined by the leaky freezer the next week (upside down of course). Now, there they sit, waiting for the same cousin to have time to come in his pick-up and run them to the dump for us.

You know what else is out there? Daddy’s ladder. He had a day off right after the big windstorm, and we needed to put some siding back up that had blown off, so he brought the ladder for us to use. I can’t take it back to him, because I don’t have a ladder rack, and he hasn’t had another day off to come get it. Ya’ll, it’s bad out there in my yard right now.

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