Writing Sticks

Please excuse me while I post this little tidbit. I’ve heard it and read it so many times, I bet you won’t even need me to finish it. You’ll read the first half of the question and finish it in your own mind without my help. Here we go: How come there are pens everywhere until I want one? Bonus points if you can explain why it is that every time I buy pens for myself, they disappear!

2 thoughts on “Writing Sticks

  1. … but if you do find one when you need it urgently you can guarantee it doesn’t work … why is that? and why is it that all the pencils around have broken points? – can the person who has the answer to this also tell me about the issue with socks and the tumble drier?

  2. It’s a conspiracy, all of it. I was very close to the answer once, but the guy told me he’d have to kill me if he answered my burning questions.

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