I found my pen!

I found my pen, ya’ll. I had *cough* hidden from myself by putting it right where it belongs *cough*. You know how advertising pens are usually cheap and horrible? Well, my favorite pen is actually a pen I got from an advertiser. It’s got a thick barrel with the padding, so I can hold onto it for a long time, even on days my hands ache. It’s got a nice weight to it, too. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. It’s refillable, but that’s only the second best thing. The truly best thing is that it uses gel ink. I’ve never had a pen that writes as well as this one writes. The only reason it’s not in my pocketbook is because I am afraid I will leave it somewhere accidentally.

Which brings me around to thinking about other marketing things I’ve received. I prefer tools to business cards any day of the week. I know that the cards are generally cheaper, but I’d rather have a pen or pencil, or a calendar, or a magnet. The businesses I actually call back the most are the ones that mounted their card on a magnet, because I see them often. You know, every time I open the refrigerator. Those little tools to open soda cans are cool, too. I am always grabbing something to open those with, because it hurts my fingers to do it with my hands.

So, what’s the favorite marketing thing you’ve ever received? Do you still have it?