Wow, ya’ll musta thought I’d died

I didn’t realize that I had not posted here all weekend! I mean, I knew I had been busy, but not quite that busy. Ok, short version:

Saturday–major drama. Coulda been on tv and all.
Sunday–major cooking. Seder for 120. Well, really for only 50, but we way overcooked, and there was enough food for 120. I started cooking at 1:30, and at 5:30 someone else finished up the pasta, so I could sit for the Seder. Suffice it to say that the kitchen at the community center is just about as poorly designed as I have ever seen, let alone cooked in, and I was exhausted. I think I walked 10 miles in that 15×15 room. Counters on one side, sink and stove on the other. I told the folks at church I’d take the position of head cook if I got to design the kitchen when we get our building. When you cook for a crowd, one big eye is not enough on the stove.
Perhaps I need to order new business cards that say:
Chief Cook and BottleWasher
Smart Kitchen Designer, too
For a free quote call 1-800-MyFeetHurt

/end rant