Black Dating Service??

I saw something today I’ve been thinking about blogging about for awhile. Black Dating Service is a relatively new website, but it’s growing fast. They are actively recruiting new members. The site looks fun and easy to use, too.

So, why is this obviously white-as-milk blogger (don’t get offended, my picture is up in the corner) blogging about a dating service for black people? Well, because it disturbs me that there needs to be such a thing. I am generally against inter-racial dating mostly because it causes so many problems for the daters, and I’ll admit that going in. It doesn’t change what I am about to say at all.

The Bible tells me that that the only difference God sees in people is whether or not they are covered by the Blood. That’s an attitude I try to show my children. And it’s difficult, because of where I live, and the generally racist attitudes in my area. This site disturbs me for the same reason that the “find a rich person to date” site bothers me. If the first criteria we set for wanting to get to know someone is the color of their skin, or the size of their wallet, or their weight, or height or eye color or anything other than their heart, we are looking at the wrong thing. There is only one thing that is important, and we miss it when we get caught up in the externals.

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One thought on “Black Dating Service??

  1. Great post! Great insight! I’ll add to your post saying that in our area, should children develop from the relationship they sometimes suffer emotional abuse from people with closed minds.

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