A Better Option

Yesterday, I expressed some pretty radical views on dating. Well, radical for a small town southerner anyway. I did want to follow up on that, just to let you know that I have found what I think may be a viable option as far as online dating services go. You’ll remember that I said it is the inside of a person that matters, not the outside, and not the wallet. Christian Singles is a site that realizes that, too.

I’ve known people all my life that just had a smile that spoke love. One was my aunt, that I’ve talked about here. Another was a substitute teacher I had through junior and senior high. Oh, it’s hard to explain it if you’ve never seen it, but you’ll recognize it when you do. It’s a smile that goes beyond the lips, and lights the eyes, and also the heart. It’s like you can almost see Jesus peeking out. When you see someone smiling like that, that’s the person you want to get to know. And you can tell even in a picture. So when you go to the site, look at the pictures. When you see the smile, then you can read the bio.

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