I Need to be Recharged

So, the plumber came. And I’ve been cleaning since he left. I’d been really unmotivated to do any cleaning while the water was seeping out from the walls, but now that we’re dry (well, sorta dry, things are still pretty wet under the surface), I’m back on it. Today I cleaned the cabinet above the frig, de-iced and cleaned the frig freezer, then did the frig itself, including the grill underneath. No, I mean really cleaned it. And I had to heat the water on the stove to do so. No hot water heater, see. I am beat. If I were a rechargeable battery, I’d plug myself in to the nearest outlet.

I am also incredibly dirty and I really want to wash my hair. I feel like a pioneer, only with inside toilets.

15 thoughts on “I Need to be Recharged

  1. Oh man, that sucks! I lost my water heater on my birthday and it was out for a week… MAJOR yuck factor! A friend told me if I get really desperate for a shower and not just baths, to visit a truck stop where they have showers for a small fee. Totally worth needing to wear flip flops.

  2. I so totally know that feeling of being “gunky”!! I’m so sorry you had a disaster—such a big mess to clean up–and a wet one at that!! Good Luck!!

  3. You sure do take these things in stride, ma’am! I’d be pulling my hair out, lol! Discovered a leak under my kitchen sink today. It’s a small one. I’ve decided to ignore & maybe it will go away, ya think?

    Visiting all of my “following” friends tonight! Mahalo for that!

  4. I’ve felt that gunky dirty feeling more than once unfortunately. Growing up we had well water, and there were several occasions where there was no water, or the power was out because we lived in BFE and no power meant the pump from the well to the house wasn’t working and I couldn’t shower, or wash dishes, or flush the toilet…. yuck.

    Our water heater went last summer, flooded the apartment, made a huge mess, ruined lots of stuff and left me in the cold water for a week. Brrr.

  5. Skeet, Let me save you some heart-ache. It will not go away. Trust me. We ignored this “small leak” for awhile, and it will just get worse. Fix it now before you lose the cabinets. I have not told the whole sob story on the blog.

  6. Plumbing is so scary! Lucky for me mine was limited to the toilet and easily fixable. It’s amazing how much depends on water!

  7. The plumber is here. I am inordinately pleased at the concept of showering. I think it will fix my battery right up!

  8. Thanks for dropping by Court. I’m pleased to say my world is getting back to what passes for normal for me.

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