How do you like it?

If you are not reading this blog via feed, you had a surprise this morning, didn’t you? I switched to this theme late last night. I still have quite a bit of work I want to do on the sidebars and such, but it was time to give my taste for pink some phentermine. I do love pink, but…….sometimes I just need a change 🙂 It was originally a two column theme, so you can see I’ve done a little work on it already.

So, why was I switching themes late Sunday night? And why isn’t it finished?? Well, I’d been thinking about changing for most of last week, but I was incredibly busy. With the mopping and sopping, you know. Then on Thursday, I started at the door that opens into the kitchen, and I cleaned. Appliances moved, cabinets emptied, vacuum cleaner on the cabinets so I could do the tops. That kind of cleaning. And folks, my kitchen is spacious–about 26×13. When I sat down last night, exhausted, I decided to look at themes, and one thing led to another, and here it is. This morning, I got up and I finished the last of the kitchen, so I haven’t had time to finish it up yet. I’ll be working on the tweaking this week as I have time.

Let me know what you think!

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