Surviving NJ

It’s time for another Supahstar Saturday! What do you mean it’s Tuesday? One of us must be confused!

The featured blogger for March 31st was Deb of Surviving NJ. Deb is a fun loving gal who blogs on multiple domains. I think she does a great job juggling her niche blogs, and she is always entertaining to read. I normally think quite highly of Deb, but I think I am a little upset that she blogged she was planning to take a shower. I thought I’d made it plain to all my internet friends that I did not want to hear about any personal cleanliness until I had hot water. Lucky for Deb, the plumber is here even as I type.
(I’m just teasing ya, Deb.)

I know you will enjoy Deb’s blog. She’s a real down to earth gal.

2 thoughts on “Surviving NJ

  1. …and it was a GOOD shower! I just stood there soaking in the HOT water 😉

    Thx for the kind words!

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