Manic Monday April 30th


What new course would you like to see added to the nation’s school curriculum?
Where is your favorite place to sit when at home?
Do you buy anything in bulk? If so, what?

I’d like see manners and common sense brought out in a real big way. Talking to the teens I know, very few of them have any concept of how the real world works. And many of them are rude. I know it seems like parents ought to teach these things, but since we now count on the public schools for sex ed and self esteem training, seems like they could fill in the gap on these more necessary things, too. For more money, of course. 😛

My favorite place to sit is my rocking chair. I don’t sit in it nearly enough, since I am usually here at the computer working when I sit. Thinking about that, I should probably work smarter, so I can sit in the rocking chair more. Ya think?

YES! I buy microwave popcorn in bulk. The biggest boxes of plain I can find, at least 2 at a time. Also pop-tarts.

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8 thoughts on “Manic Monday April 30th

  1. Oh Cass, I completely agree about the common sense. So many children and young adults are missing out on that aspect of their development. I try to involve my son in the day to day running of the household so he can have hands on experience with such things.

    Thank you for playing and I hope you have a terrific week!

  2. Like a true American I buy EVERYTHING in bulk. Unfortunate really.

    That would be cool to have manners class at school. It would seem so….weird really. 8 months of covering your mouth when you sneeze and chewing with your mouth closed.

  3. Ahh, Bridget, that’s a fine idea. Except my rocking chair is too short to allow me to type.

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