Credit Cards

Some one asked what I thought about credit cards, if I thought they were a necessary evil. Although I don’t like them, I admit that there are times that I use one. It happens to be one that I share with my mother, and I pay her right back. She investigated balance transfers and interest rates and ended up with a couple of the better deals as far as credit cards go.

If I ever decide to get a card of my own, you can be sure I will take the time to compare credit cards, and make sure I get a good one. And, umm, the ones I keep getting offers for, with a high annual fee and outrageous interest?? They won’t be on the list.

One thought on “Credit Cards

  1. How surprising! I didn’t think that there was anyone who didn’t have a credit card these days. Just goes to show how out of touch I am.
    Best wishes

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