A Good Gift

DH asked me last night what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I snickered and told him I wanted my laptop, and he snickered right back and said “no”. Can you believe it? But it reminded me of what was probably the funnest gift he ever got me. When we were still living in Colorado, he scored concert tickets to see Garth Brooks for my birthday. We were one row from the top of that huge stadium, and I was so excited to see and hear Garth in person that I didn’t even care about the seats. That was the only concert I’ve been to as an adult.

One thought on “A Good Gift

  1. that would be a good concert to go to, I love his music. I agree with you that as long as you are there it is better than not being there at all.

    Hope you do get the laptop someday and you need to go to more concerts as an adult. Its a lot different for me because I am used to going to punk rock shows and being down in the pit, but lately I have just been chilling in the back enjoying the music and the fun crowds

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