Debt Elimination

I was looking at a site today that may interest some ofyou. It’s designed to sell a plan to help you pay off debt. One thing that sets this site apart from others I have seen, is that it offers a bit of concrete goal setting help before you have to pay anything. Most sites like this keep all their secrets to themselves until you have invested, and usually significantly.

John recommends that you make a list of the burdens of debt. Then he recommends you make a list of the benefits of being debt free. This is an excellent exercise, because it allows you to see in black and white what debt is doing to your life, and what positive results can come from eliminating it.

Another thing I like is that John offers a 200% guarantee. If you are not satisfied at anytime within a year, just write him a letter or email and let him know why, and he’ll give your money back. Twice. He says that’s a win/win proposition, and I think I have to agree.

2 thoughts on “Debt Elimination

  1. I have personally seen a lot of people have great success with John’s program. They eliminate their debt and finally have hope for retirement and financial freedom.

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