And the best part

I’ll be able to go where the family is!!!!!!! We’ll be picking up a wireless router shortly, and then I can work without network cables. I’ll be so tickled to be able to be with the family in the evenings and still get my work done. While it’s true that I don’t care much for the television, I do care a great deal for the fam, and they all think the tv is a miraculous thing. Ok, I am seriously through talking about the new computer for awhile. Maybe. Unless I think of something else to say!

6 thoughts on “And the best part

  1. Wireless routers are the best invention ever next to the internet. They really make life easier.

  2. Just make sure you enable encryption, so that you don’t get someone else breaking in to your connection.

  3. Now, that just makes me want to hurry up and get one, Dave. Rocking chair blogging, here I came!

  4. Well, basically this means that the connection between your computer and the router is encrypted and that you need a password to connect to the device. Enryption also means that someone listening in to the airwaves, something that is really simple to do with a wireless device, cannot listen to your traffic. Good for privacy 🙂

    Just check the manual for your router, it is usally fairly simple to enable encryption.

    In my router, this is called “security mode”. You should select WPA or WEP (WPA is better).
    Then you need to set a password, called pre-shared key, and your also need to set the same on your computer.

    I hope this wasn’t too geeky an explanation 🙂

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