Banishing the darkness

So, I am thinking about some lighting for the desk. The overhead light for this area happens to be burned out, and as I was sitting here in the dark trying to figure out all the buttons and such on this machine Wednesday night, I was sure wishing I had some light! I briefly considered under cabinet lighting, one of those attachable fluorescents to go under one of the shelves on the bookcase, but I think I will get a pretty lamp instead. Then it will be pleasant to look at even when it’s off, AND it won’t light up the whole rest of the house. (I found out last week that this overhead floods the hallway off the kids’ bedrooms with light–not a real good way to help them get to sleep at night.)

2 thoughts on “Banishing the darkness

  1. I think you would like the flourescent light. A small one would give you plenty of light and not nearly as much heat.

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