What’s with the SPAM?

Apparently I had Thunderbird pretty well trained on my old computer, because I am seeing a ton of spam now. I get about 10 junk mails for every real one. I am teaching this machine what to throw out now. I am not interested in: viagra, cialis, dating websites, market research, or a Shelby Mustang. Nor do I care overly much about the lottery, or your offer to let me help settle your bazillion dollar estate before you die of some disease that I have never heard of. I also don’t care to sign up for your credit cards. You can quit emailing me anytime now. Please.

2 thoughts on “What’s with the SPAM?

  1. I am tired of the spam too, especially when it is a service I don’t care for. I love opt-ing out. Best of luck. What are your plans? New Email?

  2. I change email addresses once in a while because of spam. The plus of owning a domain name and having a good hosting provider. Though the provider also has a good spam filter, and Thunderbird helps too, so it’s been better for me lately.

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