Why I am feeling pressured:

  • I need to go see Grandmother–can’t because I am sick
  • I need to do some online work besides posting–can’t because I am sick
  • I need to do lots of laundry–we make a lot when we are sick
  • I need to sweep and vacumm–can’t because I can’t bend over because I am sick
  • I need to read to my kids–can’t because I am sick and can’t talk

And the list goes on and on and on, ad nauseum. About the only thing I don’t have to do is get a new car insurance quote since I took care of that Wednesday–before I got this sick.

I went to bed yesterday as soon as DH got home. I may do the same again today.

4 thoughts on “Why I am feeling pressured:

  1. I’m digging out, slowly but surely. And we’re on the mend, so things should be better soon.

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