Debt Consolidation Review

I’ve been asked to do review on a site that offers articles and services related to debt consolidation. You all know I love to give my opinions, so I am happy to oblige 🙂 DebtHelp is a wealth of information that will be valuable to anyone who is looking for a debt management program. Whether you are looking into mortgage refinance or student loan consolidation, you will find this site a good place to start.

In order to get to the articles, use the tabs at the top of the page. In addition to the areas mentioned above, you’ll be able to find out about credit repair and even information on taxes.

This site is set up to sell a service, and there is no mistaking that the point of that service is debt consolidation, through loans. But they have gone out of their way to set up a site that is user-friendly, and information intensive. You’ll find answers to your credit questions here, even if you don’t end up using their service.

I have no problems recommending a site that is providing this type of information. Even though they make money if you take out a loan with them, the articles are free for the clicking. I’d recommend that you read a few now, to perhaps prevent trouble later. But that may just be my age and experience talking.