A Jealous Blogger

That’s me today. See, I’ve done some blog reading over the past few days. And there are blogs that are silly, they are blogs that are fun, and there are blogs that you wonder why they exist at all (maybe I have a couple of those??). And then there are the blogs that make me jealous. The authors are incredible writers who just pour themselves out in eloquent phrases. They think THOUGHTS. They say IMPORTANT THINGS. And I wonder where I stack up in all that. I mean I have thoughts, and some of them are even pretty good. But it’s so rare that I can sit down uninterrupted and get them out in words that are fit for public consumption, and it frustrates me.

Right now, for this blog alone, I have about 4 Sunday Sermons I need to type up. Good thing I took notes, huh? And I have a couple of other posts rolling around in my head, and a few even saved as drafts, and I despair of ever being able to develop them into coherent posts.

Do you want to know how many times I have been interrupted in writing this short post? Well, I’ve learned all about The Lost Disc from the POTC set Dh picked up for us today. I’ve taken a phone call from my mother, and I’ve learned about Jason Aldean’s new CD, and I’ve listened to four five six jokes. heh, at least my kids still talk to me, so I guess I’m doing something right, even if it’s not blogging.

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2 thoughts on “A Jealous Blogger

  1. I get like that too, when people talk about good blogs or bad blogs, and I wonder what people think of my blogs. Then when I’ve driven myself crazy, I stop comparing myself, and just go, these are My blogs, and my love and time went into them. I guess that means they are good enough….

    I agree though..my thoughts ramble, and I wonder if I put more focus and concerted effort in, would it make a difference, or would it no longer be me?

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