Vacationary Talk

I have to admit up front that it’s just talk. A family vacation is simple out of the question after the money we have had to spend on appliances this year. But, several members of my family have been to Hawaii, and I have a good friend who visits regularly, and another blogging buddy actually lives there.

I’d truly love to go to Kona one day, if only for the coffee. You know I have this thing about coffee, and I’ve heard several people say Kona Coffee is the ultimate. Smooth and rich, with enough caffeine to make you think twice. I could look for Kona vacation rentals, sit around on the beach admiring the views and getting a good buzz on from all reports.

Speaking of views, I wonder if Hawaii looks as wonderful in person as it does on tv? I remember watching Magnum PI, and thinking how awesome it would be to live there. Of course, I’m older now, and a little smarter than I was when Magnum was a new show. I’m betting they never left Hollywood.