Normal Replay

This morning, I am trying to remind myself about a post I wrote a while back about normalcy, and what exactly is normal, and how does that definition of normal fit with my actual life, and how maybe I need to re-define normal as it applies to me. Been there, done that? I think most of us have. I am once again (or is that still?) behind, and wondering how on earth I will ever catch up!

For instance, I finally got the laundry re-washed like I had talked about, and mostly put away, which I will do shortly, and now I need to clean the laundry area. But we’ve made more laundry in the meantime, so I can’t say I am truly caught up there.

And I’ve lost a book I needed for school. I had my fingers on it less than a week ago. I thought I put it where it was supposed to go (in the reading basket), but POOF! it is gone.

I packed a bin of clothes to go outside, but I packed it wrong, and now it has to be re-packed, but that will create another mess, however short-lived, so I’ve been putting it off.

And I have some paperwork that DH asked me to fill out for him a month ago, and it’s not done yet.

And I finally packed up the stack of sweaters that were on my nightstand to send to a friend, but the box has been sitting in the floor of my room for several days, still un-addressed.

And the list just goes on and on and on and on. What I really need to do is take about a week to throughly clean and catch up without people coming behind me and messing things up
but I don’t see that happening for another 15 years or so. In the meantime, I’ll just have to repeat what I told myself back then: this is my normal, and it’s different from other people’s normal, and that’s ok.

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