SEO for Midlife Musings

I was checking Google for myself a couple of weeks ago, to show my air conditioner man what it was possible to do as far as search engine optimization just using keywords in the meta of a site. He has a site now, and when I checked the header on it, there were keywords there, but they were not the ones people would naturally type into search engines. Since most new traffic comes from search engine results, his traffic was abysmal, and I was offering to help him with it. Here’s what shocked me: I was totally expecting to see this site in the results for midlife crisis, probably on the 3rd or 4th page. Nope, I was number 4 on page one. I giggled about that for several hours.

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  1. Hi, I write about baby boomers on my blog. You’re not quite the age for that, but it’s entertaining just the same.

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