I didn’t wait til tonight, ya’ll. No hot sticks. New shampoo, old gel and a blow dryer. Yeah, I totally uploaded photopress to this blog so I could show you my hair.
IMG 0119 IMG 0120 IMG 0121 IMG 0122 IMG 0123 IMG 0124

12 thoughts on “Curls

  1. Did I miss a blogpost about a new haircut? In any case, it looks fab (and I swear, you just.don’t.age)

  2. Sweet! You look great. I love curls but my hair doesn’t hold them at all. It’s very straight. And I don’t have the patience anyway.

  3. I don;t think I blogged it in words, but I did throw up a picture on digicass of the hair all over the ground. And as for the other comment, will you be my bff?

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