Nothing for me today

I over slept today. I found out last night that I had somehow caused my webcam to quit working, so I was up until 3am trying to convince it that I really did want it to function. I won, I think. When I first got the computer, I could take stills with it, but could not capture video. Somehow the new driver enables video (with sound, w00t), but not stills. Well, I can live with that, since I do have a camera. I think the video is more important, because I would like to make some tutorial type vids, and I don’t always have someone to hold the camera for me. Nonetheless, since this computer was definately not in teh category of discount office supplies, it would be nice if I could take vids and stills. But maybe I just want to much.

So anyway, no extra cleaning, no extra goodies, and I’m pouting.

4 thoughts on “Nothing for me today

  1. I hate it when my techo devices don’t work like I want. My girlfriend and I are going to go to two different colleges for graduate school, so I’m thinking about getting a webcam so we can see each other. I hope it works, or I’ll be very unhappy!

  2. Do you have your webcam pics on the web? I want to see. 🙂 Have a webcam on, it watches my dogs when I am at work. What kind do you use? I have an old PC hooked up to it, it takes shots every 30 seconds. But I’d like one that acts on its own instead of needing a PC, but I haven’t looked into them so am behind on the technology.

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