My eyes hurt

Did you notice the timestamp on that last post? Well, I’d been to bed and gotten up before I wrote that. Then I cleaned for a bit (earned a bra, muhahahahah), and finally went back to bed around 5. And DaBaby woke up. So, I got a wee nap for sleep last night. DH did get home early today, and I was able to lay down for a couple of hours, but I am sooooo tired and my eyes are literally burning. I may be sending someone to bed right after supper, and that someone is likely to be myself! I did do a bit of cleaning today, though, and got some hairspray to replace the wrong hairspray that I bought the other day. I used it once and totally remembered why I absolutely loathe aerosol hairspray. Blech!

I’m glad it’s been a laid back day, with no emergencies necessitating the use of a swiss army knife to get me out of a jam. In my current state, I’d probably lop off my own finger. I could however, use one of those swiss army watches to time my sleep!