Anger, Frustration and Stewing in my own juices

I have pretty much wasted this entire day, being mad. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal exactly what i am angry about, since that would violate a……well, hmm, can’t say that either. But you know, people really ought to stick to their word.

So what has this day taught me? That when I get mad, I forget to blog, and also to clean my house, and maybe to pay attention to my kids. It’s also taught me that when people make you angry because they are unethical, they will do their best to redirect your anger by throwing up false symbols of peace.

And then because you are an ethical person, you will decide to blog, but then you can’t because it would violate…oh. Well, see paragraph one.

23 thoughts on “Anger, Frustration and Stewing in my own juices

  1. Am I allowed to say what I want to about you know what in your blog comments? Or am I prohibited for that also?

    *grin* You have my permisson to post any comment you want to on my blog. Heck, you could even make a forum post and I could publish it on the front page.

    (forums are borked right now but if we wanted to I could set it up)

  2. I feel you girlfriend. Truly I do. You should see my house right now due to reading and checking up for news on this whole fiasco.

  3. I totally agree with the frustration and anger.
    But what are we supposed to do?
    By doing anything in regards to the thing, it means we agreed to the thing even if we had no idea what we were agreeing to in regards to the thing because they changed the thing.
    If we had known about the thing, would we have then agreed to the thing anyway?

  4. I;m pretty sure you can say whatever you want as long as you accept the legal ramifications. I’m not the thought police, only the cass police. Of course, I haven’t checked to see if I am responsible for the words of others. maybe I should 😉

  5. I’m actually glad that I don’t have the energy to deal with this right now. It is just crap. And they think by ignoring the situation people will calm down. Which they won’t.

  6. Legal ramifications notwithstanding.

    The way I read it we can’t say anything at all on our own blogs – good or bad. I can’t even say what I really really like about the newest thing.

  7. Okay, answered my own question. Maybe.

    “You may not issue any press release or other public statement regarding the Agreement, XXXXXXXXXX, its Parent and/or their Affiliates without XXXXXXXXX’s prior written consent.”

    Other public statement. I don’t know if that means other blogs and forums or not. I’m cornfuzzled.

  8. {{{{{Cass}}}}} Mahalo for expressing all of our frustrations so clearly and concisely. 😀

    Hugs are still allowed, aren’t they?

  9. I just got in from a day of haircuts, malls and kids. Wow! I’m trying to catch up but I’m just not sure I want to know what’s going on.

    Yes I do. Curiosity is killing me. I’m off to read….

  10. I’ve just stayed up way later than I intended to reading about the whole situation. This stuff always seems to blow up when I’m not at home. I spent two days catching up on stuff on the computer and then leave and WHAMMO!
    I hope this gets cleared up…because it’s really got me steamed right now too.

  11. Hmm I’ve been reading all the TOS issues at the most random time and while it’s odd that we aren’t allowed allowed to talk about it couldn’t we write an opinion on it and if they pursue legal action you have it removed? It’s a way to get the word out at least, and to help vent your frustrations :). I’m on page 13 out of 22 so I’m not quite sure how it ends (if it does) but I think it’s interesting for all Posties to watch and see what happens.

  12. Wow if anyone comes along that has no clue what this post and the comments are about they’re going to be totally confused! LOL

    I agree with you Cass and everyone else who has commented here and in a certain other place. The Thing that was underhandedly slipped by us the other day can’t be legal. We didn’t agree to this thing. I can’t agree to this thing. It’s terrible.

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