Weekend Update

Yes, I cleaned. And I got a cool new lipstick that you twist until color appears in the sponge. I’m wearing it for my this week’s Self Portrait Sunday picture. And also, a rootbeer lip balm.

Today, no cleaning. I left with my mom at 11:30, not realizing she planned to keep me all day. But it was fun to spend time with her, and I got to work on her computer. Gosh, I always feel like such a genius when I hook up a machine. It’s not new, I just moved it. It’s the same one I put together for her last month (when it was new).

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Comparing my knowledge to your knowledge of computer stuff, you are a genius. Thank you. It was nice spending time with you, love those DGC, but it seems that unless we are alone, we do not spend time together.

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