Upping the Ante

Well, I was quiet about the cleaning thing yesterday. All that got done was maintenance on the areas I’ve already cleaned. I didn’t go backwards, but I didn’t go forward either. So, I’m upping the ante. In order to earn a goodie anymore, I have to clean for an hour beyond the maintenance.

I guess I should also mention that I am not spending as much time on the computer either. I finally got around to doing some routine planning, and amazingly enough “sit at the computer all day while fairies cover your household tasks” is nowhere on that list. The upside is that I am spending more time with the kids as well as with the house (LOL), and I am more focused when I am here. Today, it was after noon before I even opened my email. Crazy, huh? Even crazier is the fact that it was all there waiting for me.

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