Eleanor Rigby’s Bathroom

I saw something today that made me positively pea green with envy. It was a bathroom at Extraordinary Works Kitchens, and it is just about perfect in every way. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that it’s carpeted. The picture is in some kind of frame, so I can’t get it to show you, nor can I figure out the URL. But you can go to this photo gallery, click on “Other Room Applications Gallery” and it’s picture 15.

So, what brought all this on? Well, you know I’ve been buying make-up. And I told you I had moved it to the bathroom for better light. Well, I might have bought a little more last night. It’s possible that I saw some really good coupons in the Eckerd flyer, including Physicians Formula at buy one, get one half price and Cover Girl and Maybelline at buy one, get one free. And it’s possible that after last night, my makeup stash has *cough* outgrown the basket I bought to hold all my makeup. It’s possible that I now own more face stuff than I have ever owned in my life. It’s possible that my name ought to be Eleanor Rigby.

But this post is supposed to be about my bathroom. We have minimal storage in there, and by minimal I mean two under counter cabinets, and a linen hutch. There aren’t any drawers in there, nor is there a medicine cabinet. I finally put some shelves on my side of the double sink, and while it mostly blocks the mirror, I can see my face between the shelves, and it’s worth it for the extra space. But that bathroom I linked to up there?? That’s sweet! And the floor plan is not that different from mine. Well, except there is only 6 inches between the edge of my sink and the wall, but the angled tub, yes. I’m definitely thinking now about adding some shelves in the tub corner. I just wish they had managed to make my counter a little bit longer, so I could do the other cabinet setup in that picture.

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  1. But it’s so hard to let go! I’ve been weeding out, though. The new stuff just goes on so much smoother, and looks so much better.

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