My ego hurts

I just visited a site that told me how much this domain is worth, and I am a little disappointed. You will remember from other posts that I watch these sorts of things because….well, because I have an ego. At LeapFish, they weigh a variety of factors and give you a quote. According to them, Midlife Musings has a value of $21. Umm, compared to the hours and hours I have poured into this site, I am worth negative pennies per hour. My longest running site, CassKnits! is worth a mere $912. Good thing I’m not interested in selling, right?

Anyway, you can get other info at LeapFish, too. They’ve looked at and compared the various domain registrars and hosting services, and listed their top picks. They have tutorials and articles on choosing domain names, as well. It’s too late for me, but if you are thinking of starting a website, you should give them a quick read.

EDIT 7/4 I totally entered my sites incorrectly. When I only out in the domain name, the values were $989 and $10,908. I’m still not selling, LOL!

8 thoughts on “My ego hurts

  1. holy cow! I’ve never seen that particular site, only the technorati value one. according to Leapfish, MLT(.com, not .net or .org) is worth nearly 3K. not that I’d ever sell any of them mind you.. but what a cool tool.

  2. old post, but I have to comment. I came back here tonight to find this link because I couldnt remember it (now I’ve bookmarked it) but I have to point out. Last week when you posted this, MLT was worth nearly 3k.
    In.One.Week of doing SEO all by my little self, its increased 1k (and my alexa has dropped significantly!)

    What a fun little project 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you came back to this post. I had entered my sites incorrectly, and the correct values are much more pleasing to my ego.

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