Midnight Mutterings Cruises

I have a healthy fear of cruises. I have had sick family members and acquaintances go on cruises and die right after they got home. I have disturbing mental images of my kids falling overboard. So, while I often think what a neat vacation going on a cruise would be, I seriously doubt I will ever go on one, because… I’m just too skeert. Maybe when all my kids are grown, unless I am sick. And I do mean even with a cold.

8 thoughts on “Midnight Mutterings Cruises

  1. I’m with you. A good friend of mine fell off a cruise ship and drowned in Tampa Bay five years ago, and I vowed never to step foot on one.

  2. I came across your blog from my friends blog (stitch-in-stuff—kim) and thought I would check it out. Great site!
    I have the same images about my children (I have four) I even have a hard time going on a ferry with them. I hope this fear will pass. This is just one of many…

  3. don’t be crazy. go and have fun! everything can happen every where. you just have to relax and enjoy yourself

  4. Thank you for coming by. I imagine we’ll have fears for our kids until they lay us in the dirt. I reckon that’s just part of being a mom, yk?

  5. Airplanes don’t bother me. Boats don’t bother me either. The concept of my kids on a boat, that bothers me.

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