My Midlife Eyes

I’m about ready to do some more shopping, and I mean in a large way. I may have mentioned that we have a small tv set, about 20 inches. It’s the old fashioned kind, the thick ones, I forget what they are called. It’s maybe 5 years old??? That set has been fine by me until now, because I am just not enamored of the tv most nights. Lately though, I’ve been curious about who makes the best lcd tvs, because *cough* I can’t see the tv so well *cough*.

I’ve been having some visual issues lately. I can still see, mind you, I just need a bit more light to do it. It’s led to some funny moments, such as this one: I asked dh to put a second light in the bathroom the other night, and he reminded me that when we moved in, I told him two lights there was too much, and to take one out. I just looked at him. And finally I told him my 40 year old eyes were not to be held responsible for anything my 35 year old mouth had said. And then I remembered how I thought my FIL was crazy for fussing at me about 10 years ago for reading in front of a window in mid-afternoon without turning the lamp on. It was too dark for him to read, therefore, it must be too dark for me. Umm, then: no; now: yes. And, I’m pretty sure they don’t make glasses for this, ya’ll, though I suppose I could start wearing a miner’s light. What a great fashion look that would be, eh?

6 thoughts on “My Midlife Eyes

  1. LOL. I’m sitting here with my laptop in front of me, and every so often I try glancing at the news on TV across the room. I don’t know why I bother: short of squinting until my eyes are almost closed I can’t make out much on the screen.

    Thing is, I wear contacts. Must be time for some new ones, ya think?

  2. You’d be surprised. Once upon a time I only needed glass for reading, but only if I was reading a LOT. Then I went for an eye exam. Geez.. I was nearly blind (ok, thats an overstatement) I wouldn’t dream of driving or reading, watching tv or knitting without them. I have noticed lately that I have a really hard time switching between tv and knitting. After knitting for a while I have to really squint to see the tv (or the computer) And I’m due for a re-exam anyway.. its been two years since I got my last set of glasses and contacts.

  3. Yep, 40. Do you notice in the grocery store, you have to move back to scan and read the boxes, or pull back the menus a little to focus? I notice the small changes too. I have glasses for eye strain, but they sure are coming in handy a little more than they used to.

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