Let’s consider ecological diversity. Did you know that there are several animals in Australia that are only found there? Weird ones, too. I’ve heard this used as an argument both for and against evolution. I think you know where I stand on that, but that ecological diversity is one of the reasons I want to go to Australia some day. I want to see a duck-billed platypus with my own eyes.

Of course, I’d have to see more than the wildlife once I got there. As a singer, I’d love to hear a performance at the renowned Sydney Opera House. Since I abhor opera it would have to be something else, though, LOL. I see the Barber of Seville is playing this summer, so if I were going, I’d choose that. That would require an overnight stay, and since I’d already have researched cheap hotels in Sydney, I’d probably stay for a couple of nights so I could also visit the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Aquarium. After all, once I pay for the airfare and the Sydney hotel, I’d like to get my money’s worth.

I’d like to find out more bout the aboriginals as well. Of course, that brings to mind another deep question: If non-aboriginals are investigation aboriginals, doesn’t their very presence change that society? Can you observe sentient creatures without changing their behavior to some extent? I don’t think it’s actually possible to do so.

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  1. I can’t tell you where to find a live platypus in Sydney, but I do know there’s a habitat set up at the very Aus-ily named Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre (Brisbane Forest Park).

    The platy enclosure is mostly closed off to the public, apart from a large feeding area set up to resemble a creek bed. A couple of times a day they flood the feeding area with prawns/shrimp so the little guy comes out and does some very agile eatin’ acrobatics around the display.

    I’ve lived in Australia all my 36 years and only seen platypus on one other occasion (from a decent distance on a paid tour of a wild habitat), so even we locals think it’s a treat to see the shy little guys.

    My gf is originally from California, so we took her folks there when they came out for a visit. The locals at the park were actually going more nuts to see the platy than our visitors… a couple of local grunge chicks were walking away as we were going back for a second look “HAVE YOU SEEN THE PLATY?”… “PLATYPUS ROCKS!!!” 🙂

    On your side-subject of whether overt observation leads to behavioural change, I’m afraid it’s pretty well accepted in psych literature that it does… which is a massive can of worms for a fellow blogger to open. Since we know that our literary actions are being observed, the question becomes how much of our actual selves are ever put out there in our musings?

    To prove the point, I’d better completely taint that previously sincere response to your post with a shameless plug to say… perhaps you should maybe think about earning some Aussie pocket money from Aussie Surveys That Pay before you take the trip out here ;-D

    Best of luck on the tour plans… maybe try not to come in the heat of our incredibly humid summer, from my experience Americans can be a little sensitive to it, spending days just sweating and wishing they could go back across the Pacific! ;-}

    Have Fun!

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