Dear Bob

This is a special post. I’m writing it for a commenter here who left his business name in lieu of his own (I fixed that for him), and then had the nerve to say, “the white shoes should be thrown. you got no use for them. but other than that looking good” on Mothering Many. Although it’s directed to him, I am actually writing it on behalf of women everywhere, as a follow up to my post about shoes last night.

Now, the shoes in question do in fact, not match the outfit for which I originally bought them. Though I refused to admit it to Bob, I did in fact have nothing to wear them with. I bought them at a thrift store quite some time ago because I saw them, and loved them, and had to have them. Well, last night I fixed that. I now have something to wear with those shoes, and wear them I shall. Just because I can.

IMG 0137

Bob, do not ever again underestimate the lengths to which a woman will go to wear a pair of shoes she loves.

10 thoughts on “Dear Bob

  1. LOL! You are not alone in buying an outfit to match the perfect shoes! Isn’t that the way a lot of women shop?!?

  2. I’d wear the suit tomorrow, but I actually bought a couple of really hot dresses today, and I want to wear one of them.

  3. Shoes are so fulfilling! I dress from the shoes up, but it’s for health reasons. I’ve had problems with my left foot, and I have to pick the shoes that will cause the least pain. Then I pick the outfit.

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