Minds Unite

Remember a while back, I posted about thinking big thoughts, and how I wanted to talk about meatier things? I’ve been trying to do that, and evidently, I am succeeding, at least marginally. Your comments tell me I am, anyway, and I really appreciate that feedback.

Today, I visited a new online forum designed for just such big thoughts, and the discussions that go along with them. You can find it at www.mindsunite.com, and here’s what they say about themselves:

A new discussion forum where real discussion takes place. It is very user friendly and not cluttered. A frsh [sic] new way to discuss.

The forum is new, but growing. The seven topic areas are politics, economics, business, religion, philosophy, sports and other. The slogan is “THINK BIG, THINK OFTEN”. Go on over and check them out!

One thought on “Minds Unite

  1. Wonderful! I’ve been so unsatisfied with what passes for discussion on the net. Maybe this new discussion board will be a daily stop for me.

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