Not a Good Day

I am having a hard time today. I am so ill. I keep lashing out at my kids. I need to work, and can’t keep two thoughts pinned together. So, I guess not much work will get done. If it wasn’t hot as blue blazes, I’d be out walking.

Oh, and that schedule, i talked about yesterday? Not good. I don’t want to be on the computer until midnight. I need to figure out how to juggle a full time work load with homeschooling and making a home, and frankly………I’m at a loss. I’ll have to post more on this when I can think.

2 thoughts on “Not a Good Day

  1. Richard swears the mornings are better. He used to be like me, staying up late to get work done. Now instead he goes to be early (10ish) and is up by 5AM every morning to enjoy a quiet house while he works.

  2. Ugh I hope you feel better soon, the only time it’s good to be fuzzy like that is when you can stay in bed all day and not make any decisions. Which doesn’t happen much does it?

    I was listening to a Anxiety CD today and it said women usually have it so hard now, and he listed all the things you are doing!

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