Another Wish

Here’s another wish, and it is so totally removed from any possibility of fulfillment, that I laugh at my self when I think of it. I want a sports car. Not just any sports car, mind you. I want a two seater, convertible, more horses than the wild, wild west sports car. If you look at these supercar wallpapers you’ll get an idea of what I want. I’m not sure I’m into a blue one, but maybe, if it was metallic. I think I’d actually get a bigger kick out of this new Ferrari that I found on Motoring News. I love me some RED, ya’ll. The redderer, the betterer. Unfortunately for me, or maybe it’s fortunately, LOL, there are not many hot, fast, red sports cars among the used cars here.

Now, see, I know if I was a man, you’d all be thinking “midlife crisis”. Since I’m not a man, what do you think? The truth is, I’ve liked hot cars for a very long time, since I was in Germany, and drove my first fuel injected Beemer on the autobahn. Nothing beats 90. Nothing. Except going even faster. It’s totally crazy, that feeling of flying, the freedom, there’s nothing but the sound of the wheels gobbling up the asphalt. I don’t regret my lifestyle choice at all, but I have to say, if I did not have a houseful of children, I would be the hot chick in the hotter car, always laughing, always speeding, always fun.