Gag a freaking maggot

Mama and I went to see Grandmother last night. While we were enroute, the nurse called to let us know that grandmother had a skin tear. They claim that Grandmother was swinging her legs in the hoyer lift. HA! Grandmother can’t move her arms, but she can suddenly swing her legs? As if.

Anyway, we got there, and there was a sock with fresh blood on top of her laundry, so we checked out her leg. When we pulled the covers back, an incredible stench just rushed out at us. I looked at her other leg, and noticed brown goo on that sock. When I looked at that leg, the tear she’d gotten last week was inflamed with readily apparent pussy pockets of nastiness that made me want to rip the hair right out of someone’s head. People should not smell like rotten meat, ok??

So! I pulled her laundry out of the hamper and noticed the socks as I went. There was laundry in there from last Friday, and one sock from each pair had that nasty brown goo on it. Her leg has been oozing pus and corruption for three days, smelling like a dead pig in July and no one noticed that? Hell-oh?

3 thoughts on “Gag a freaking maggot

  1. Oh ick! That is one thing I can’t stand about nursing homes. They have a bad habit of ignoring things like that. I hope you gave them a good reaming and let them know you wouldn’t accept that kind of treatment of your grandmother!

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