Just say no.

I remember Nancy Reagan and her “just say no” campaign back in the 80s. Am I dating myself? I guess it doesn’t much matter since I tell you right up there in the tagline that I am almost 40. Closer and closer, even, since Friday is the big day. As an aside, the kids were just watching America’s Got Talent, and they had some break dancers on. Country looked at me and said “they usually do that on the streets with no mats”, as if she were telling me something I didn’t know. Ha, yeah. I took her to school right quick. Umm, oops. Sidetracked again. Back to Nancy.

Just say no probably works real well to avoid drugs in the first place. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s a real nice plan, and a sure-fire method. But what do you do once you’ve said yes, and find yourself in the grip of a demon? As I have struggled with quitting cigarettes this past couple of weeks, I have been near crazy at certain points, yelling at my family, stomping around like an overgrown toddler, and just a real laugh riot, a joy to be around. Or you know, not, depending on your perspective. It is an incredibly difficult pit to crawl out of. And while you may think I am making a mountain out of a molehill, I am prepared to tell you that statistically, it is more difficult to stay off cigarettes than heroin. Just think about that for a few minutes.

Ok! So, let’s get back to what I am actually supposed to be discussing here, which is drug addiction and drug treatment. Whatever your issue, from prescription drug addiction to alcohol and any substance addiction in between, the folks at 1800nodrugs want to help you find addiction treatment. They specialize in finding treatment options for your specific circumstances. The service is free to you.

I understand how the mind of an addict works, at least a little bit. My drug was legal, and so that spared me from some things, but it was still a drug. I truly believe that part of the reason I have had so many revelations about myself lately is that I have been engaging myself more as I dealt with my addiction. Thinking about what made me tick, letting myself inside my head. And can I just say that inside my own head is sometimes a scary place to be? I’ve got a long road ahead, because even though the physical addiction is mostly broken now, the mental and emotional addiction will take quite a bit longer to tackle, and there are no treatment centers for nicotine addiction that I know of.
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