Clean Sweep

Some friends were talking about “Clean Sweep” yesterday, and the concept intrigued me. I’ve never seen it, but it’s a tv show where some folks come to your house, dump all your mess out, and you have to sort it into piles of keep/trash/donate and………oops, there’s another category, but I forget it. Now, I got up this morning and spent 3 hours cleaning, and although progress was made, it’s still not done, and I truly don’t think with all of us crammed in here, my house will ever be truly clean again, and I just get so overwhelmed because there is constantly something to do and then I don’t want to do any of it because I can’t do all of it and I just sit there looking at it with drool dripping off my chin. How’s that for a run-on sentence?

So, I went to and checked out some Wilmington NC real estate, specifically looking for 5+ bedrooms, with no other criteria. You know, in case the LotsaSpace Fairy was wanting to offload a property for next to nothing and all. HA! To get that many bedrooms, it would cost between 5 and 10 times what we paid for this place, and the lot would be half the size at best. Sigh. Looks like we’ll be staying right here, I’ll be using the 4 pile method of crap sorting and also, we’ll be saving to put up an addition.

4 thoughts on “Clean Sweep

  1. The fourth pile was “sell” in case you wanted to make money from your stuff in a yard sale that they during the two days that the show was at the house. Actually, I think that the sell category was instead of the donate category and whatever didn’t sell, that got donated.

    I have a problem where I sort into the categories, toss the trash and then the donate pile waits for about a month before it goes to the goodwill. And then the keep pile just keeps getting moved around. I need a place to keep the stuff it I am going to have it!

  2. I know what you mean. I have a 1 br condo, and desperatley want to get a 2 br with parking and a washer/dryer. The problem is that those 3 extra things add over 100K to the price! (in Chicago) So, likewise I will be staying where I am, with all my clutter.

  3. I tend to have the same problem. the only difference is that I have room mates. I always have to get on their case. I should make them watch the show. I will have to try the four piles method myself.

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