My Dream

I had a dream this morning, and I’m almost certain that I know what it means, but I thought I would throw it out there for input. And also, this is my version of writing it down so I don’t forget.

Last night at the business meeting, we found out about a church that is for sale. The price is amazing, but still a huge stretch for a congregation our size. Here’s the dream: We had gotten this church, and we were struggling with the payments. We had a meeting of some sort (I don’t know if it was a regular church service or what exactly), and this had been discussed, and were standing around (literally around, not in rows, but in a circleish shape–much as we actually were last night, in fact) to be dismissed. A man volunteered to pray when Chris asked, and Chris agreed (Umm, Chris would so never do that, let a person pray that he wasn’t sure of, but whatever). So the man began to pray and I noticed that some of the men of the church kept going to where the man had just been –he was moving around–and holding their hands over the place where he had stopped and praying. This continued to happen several times, and in my dream I listened closely to hear what he was saying that could cause this strange reaction. He was singing that song by George Strait, “Give it Away”, and it was when he repeated the title phrase that the men would spring –yes, spring–to where he had been and hold out their hands and pray.

(And here’s where I think the message, if there is one, is). After this had gone on for awhile (and yeah, Chris would never have let it get to this point, but, again, whatever) the man was laying on the floor, and he screeched “I can’t move, why can’t I mooooooooooooooooove” in a very whiny nasal voice, and he was short and ugly and quite obviously an imp and not man at all. He’d been bound by the praying of the men.