Online Lab Tests??

I was reading today about Online Lab Tests. When I first saw it, I thought, well how can that work, because you have to get the blood drawn somewhere, right? So, being of a curious mind, I had to check that out, because in my mind, it was going to be impossible to get any place to draw blood without a doctor’s order, and then you’d have the cost of the doctor’s visit, the cost of the draw, and then the cost of the test, and how was this supposed to save me money? I was thinking inside the box. What I found out surprised me, and since it will save money, I thought you might be interested.

With Online Lab Tests, your cost includes the doctor’s order. You just find a lab in your area (you search right on the site). pick the test you need, and order it. They email or fax your requisition to you, and that’s your “doctor’s order”. When your test is complete, they email you a link to view your results. That means your private results remain private–you decide who knows what about you and when. Whether you need a cholesterol test to see if your dietary changes are having the desired effect, or you want to find out if you inherited a family health issue, private med labs may be the way to go. It’s also an effective way to get baseline results. If you know what’s normal for a healthy you, you can help your doctor figure out what’s going on when things go awry.

Anyway, that’s what I learned today already. And, shoot, it’s only 9:30!